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When I am not at work . . .

I am focused on experiencing life from a balanced perspective.  When not working as a therapist I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, friends and family!

I also enjoy yoga, biking, music, and knitting :)

My latest indulgence is learning more about, and promoting free educational opportunities for all people.  Stay tuned for more!

I am a counselor in private practice, who employs a variety of therapeutic styles ranging from cognitive-behavioral intervention strategies, designed to address specific issues of concern, to more intensive psychotherapeutic and existential approaches chosen by some clients in order to deal with more severe emotional, interpersonal, or psychological difficulties. The design and style of therapy is always tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

I have a passion for my work due to the incredible process that I witness with my clients each and every day.  Together we face and overcome challenges and because anxiety is, generally speaking, so responsive to treatment, we are able to measure and discuss concrete results from the counseling process. 

During my training as a therapist, I focused on advanced treatment modalities for addressing anxiety disorders which included cognitive/behavioral/affective therapeutic techniques as well as advanced existential psychotherapeutic intervention strategies.  The effective treatment of anxiety follows a prescribed course of insight, adjustment, relative weighing of levels of threat and desensitization combined with respectful exposure which combine to lower levels of anxiety and promote a calmer and more peaceful existence. 

Don't worry, it's a lot easier than it sounds here :)

As an active therapist in the community, I have had a breadth of experiences and have provided individual and group counseling for concerns ranging from marriage counseling, enhancing interpersonal and relational skills, supportive counseling for grief and bereavement, separation and divorce, treatment of depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, drug and alcohol counseling, life transition and stress related lifestyle issues.  

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

   Anxiety Disorders Specialist treating OCD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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