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Dr. Donna Parker has moved to Maryland, former clients can still contact her through her email or phone for assistance.

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The Issue of Anxiety

An estimated 40 million adults, teens, and children suffer from some form of anxiety disorder in the United States. Symptoms can include excessive worrying, panic attacks, racing thoughts, lack of concentration, sleep problems, academic problems, poor work performance, physical tension/muscle spasms, fear of social situations, OCD, fear of new places or people, intense feelings of apprehension, fear, or terror, physical symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pain, or feelings of choking.

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‚ÄčWhether you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, or OCD you can find out more about what you are experiencing and the treatments available for you below.

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 Donna Parker, Ph.D. is on an extended leave of absence and has moved to Maryland

A helpful resource for both parents and children entitled:

      Essential Tips for Helping Children with Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be difficult, embarrassing, and exhausting for children and families. Help can come from a number of sources and the most powerful influence on a young person is the primary family. The following article will outline how to recognize and respond to anxiety, stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children and adolescents.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is experienced when one is exposed to a fearful situation and then suffers from emotional distress after the event.  Click the Trauma/PTSD button to read more.

Many people suffer from toxic levels of anxiety and Panic attacks.  Click the button to read a description of some of the common symptoms of this disorder.

Ever wondered if you have OCD?  Read this brief description of the kinds of symptoms brought on by obsessive thinking patterns and compulsive rituals and thought processes that define OCD.

Dr Donna Parker OCD Treatment

Dr Donna Parker Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Resources