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Dr. Donna Parker has moved to Maryland, former clients can still contact her through her email or phone for assistance.

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     "I reached out to Donna through her website - she scheduled a call with me right away.  I was anxious talking about my concerns - thinking I was the only one that felt the way I did. She was so encouraging and knew EXACTLY how I was thinking, and why.  She made me feel connected and not so alone.  We scheduled an in-person session soon thereafter, and it was the best thing I could have ever done. Each week, I felt stronger and more equipped to manage my anxiety. Based on the many conversation & tools I learned through Donna, I feel empowered.  She changed my life!


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

     Ok, let's start with the acknowledgement that everyone has anxiety.  Anxiety is part of the common human condition and when it is experienced in proportion to life's challenges, it can be healthy and functional.  When anxiety ramps up our bodies to a state that is higher than it needs to be, it can become physically, emotionally and psychologically a problem.  Also, because of the very personal nature of anxiety and panic attacks, heightened symptoms can interfere with personal and professional relationships which will, in turn, inevitably cause more anxiety.  The good news is that problematic high levels of anxiety respond relatively well to counseling.

     If you are having active panic attacks then your symptoms are distressing enough to seek help right away.  If you have been told by your medical doctor that you are most likely having panic attacks instead of some form of medical problem, please know that counseling can be very helpful to relieve your pain and anxiety.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD can feel debilitating before you have learned to manage it.  Obsessions and their corresponding compulsions or rituals can take many forms.  Often, it has been my experience, it takes working with a specialist to tease through the many ways that OCD presents itself before patterns begin to emerge that are useful to reducing the severity of symptoms and personal distress that comes with high levels of OCD.  After spending many years journeying with so many people who were suffering with OCD my best advice is to overcome the too often experienced embarrassment that tends to accompany OCD and reach out to someone who has a lot of experience dealing with the condition.  In time, I assure you, you will find that your mind can be a great gift and once OCD is under your control, you will discover that there are gifts that would be hard for you to imagine now.

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